Children are God’s most precious gifts. The anticipation of seeing and meeting that new born child is an unequaled feeling, yet many have met that anticipation with fear and dread as they soon learn their child has a congenital defect, cancer, diabetes, or one of many more early-life illnesses that plague the human race. We as Accessible Healthcare for Special Kids seek to recognize these children and their families and the many unique struggles they face as they strive to find affordable, comprehensive health care options for their sick kids.

Young boy laying on grassAs healthcare costs skyrocket, options are dwindling. While there are various charities and research groups that work for some particular cause, we felt that there was an ever growing need to make our voice heard. Healthcare is again taking center stage on the national level with the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The time to speak up is now!

Accessible Healthcare for Special Kids hopes to give families the tools they need to reach out to their legislators and share their concerns. Most Americans do not understand the importance of annual or lifetime insurance caps, because most Americans will never, ever hit them. Likewise, most Americans don’t understand the importance of Medicaid waivers for disabilities and other circumstances.  Simply, the majority of Americans have never faced the circumstances that so many of us face each and every day.

Our hope is that this site will empower you and encourage you. You will find resources like images that can be shared on social media. You’ll also find links to congressional contacts, so that our representatives in Washington DC can hear our voice. We also share stories from across the country of families with special kids who rely on access to lifesaving healthcare.

Accessible Healthcare for Special Kids relies on outside donations to survive and thrive. In order to pay for web servers, graphic designers, lobbying activities and more, we must have money coming in through the support of like-minded individuals and companies that seek to support our mission. Due to our lobbying activities, donations are not tax deductible. But even so, no one can put a price tag on a human life.